How it all began…..

….Once upon a time, in a land not too far away

Aunty May May retired and thought what should I do to fill my days?

“People love my cooking and everything I make,

I know I’ll get baking and make some lovely cakes.”

And so she got baking and gave them to her friends,

They loved them – asked for more – and their requests never end.

So she called her three daughters,” You know how to bake too.

Come on let’s get baking, there is so much to do!”

So many have tasted and seen and enjoyed delights from the Cakery

They thought  ”Why just keep this to those that we know let others taste and see.”

The rich sumptuous cakes and desserts are the perfect end to a meal –

Maybe just a reward or a way to seal the deal

May May’s are sure you will find something you desire, as for your taste they cater,

And know you will be pleasurably satisfied and live happily ever after…


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